Alumni Support Program

Our alumni program establishes a social support network of recovering people while providing ever-important structure to help them maintain a sober lifestyle. Patients are urged to become active alumni as they continue on their respective journeys of recovery, happiness, and hope.

We establish a connection through personal encounters and offer support not only with a personal connection but with social media as well. Staying connected to alumni after discharge can be a key component of the recovery process.

We hold weekly meetings in which we invite alumni members to come back to our facility and share their experience, strength and hope with the current patients which helps both the alumni members and the patients who are currently with us.

Before discharge, our alumni coordinator sits down with our patients and speaks with them about the importance of aftercare and connection to the community.

We hold events that show that being in recovery can be a fun experience.

Here at Lumiere Detox Center, we believe in total care and in our alumni program, we offer continued support throughout the recovery process. Our alumni staff are always there to assist with any issues after discharge for support or just a friendly voice.

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