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Detox Services

Detoxification, or detox services, is the first step towards combating drug and/or alcohol addiction in a real and lifelong way. It involves supporting each client when they’re faced with difficulties, championing them as their body moves forward into a stronger, healthier life without the punishing effects of drugs or alcohol. At Lumiere Detox Center, we understand that approaching addiction is challenging but ultimately incredibly important part of overcoming addiction is vital, and we offer help at every step.

Safely and medically weaning a body off of an abused substance is just as important as lifestyle and counseling support after stabilization. Our state-of-the-art facility is staffed by caring and experienced staff with 24/7 video monitoring so that you’ll always have help when it’s needed most. With diagnostic equipment and medical assistance tuned to combating addiction, Lumiere aims to make the detox process as smooth a transition as possible. Our facility is well-versed in detox services for multiple types of addiction: illegal drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, methadone, and more, as well as multi-substance addictions.

Not only will you or your loved one be able to make the journey into an addiction-free life with the support of our team and facility, it will be from the comfort of a luxurious room. With gourmet catering and even chiropractic care on site, we’ve worked hard to build an environment that’s conducive to healing from beginning to end of each patient’s stay. We’ve taken care of everything so that our patients can focus on the most important thing of all: laying the groundwork for an addiction-free life. Call Lumiere Detox Center today for a free, easy and confidential conversation with one of our addiction professionals 855-535-8501.

Residential Treatment

Once a patient has successfully navigated the detoxing experience, it’s time to move into exploring – and solving – the initial root(s) of their addictions. While the problematic chemicals themselves comprise the most visible aspects of addiction, the emotion and motivations behind addictive behavior need to be addressed to achieve lasting results in sobriety. Our residential treatment ensures that Lumiere’s patients aren’t just free of the physical aspects of drugs or alcohol, they’re embracing an attitude and outlook that masters temptations as well.

Our caring staff will provide patients with the insight and tools they need to recognize and eliminate triggers and avoid future relapse concerns. Deep discussions – both one-on-one and via group therapy sessions – clear the tangled addiction cycle of excuses, guilt, and self-medicating to help our patients reclaim their healthy lives. While our initial aim is to stabilize and detoxify our incoming patients, our ultimate goal is to support them as they walk their own path to wellness and freedom from addiction.

Residential treatment at Lumiere provides comfort and comprehensive care throughout the healing journey, giving each guest individualized insight as they move beyond their addictions. We support each individual with evaluation, medical detoxification, education and discharge planning that’s built for long-term success. We even offer an Alumni program to support and promote a sober lifestyle perpetually after treatment has concluded.

Dual Diagnosis (Co-occurring Disorders)

Addiction is rarely as simple as a single substance or cause – much like the individuals we treat, we know that every addiction case is a new, complex challenge with layers and nuances to address. Addictive behavior is a problem all its own, which is why many of the addiction cases we treat involve more than one substance or addiction focus.

These dual diagnosis cases involve two or more alternating or overlapping substances, with usage patterns typically depending on what the patient has access to. The good news is that our customized planning can tackle multi-pronged addiction issues as efficiently as a single source. Our therapeutic care and residential treatment help each patient recognize and resolve the trigger(s) of their addictive behavior, stopping it no matter what substances it manifests in.

Our detox services methodologies also encompass the challenging task of transitioning from multi-substance usage to a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t include them. Our state-of-the-art facility is outfitted with all of the equipment, expertise and medical assistance necessary to start the process immediately after evaluation. This ensures that the worst addiction “hooks” are left behind as soon as possible, enabling our patients to focus on their journey to an addiction-free life.

Alumni Program

While we are incredibly proud of the work we do with our residential treatment patients within the Lumiere facility, our Alumni program is where our results truly shine. We’ve built a comprehensive network of support for our patients beyond their treatment plans, looping in social media and peers in recovery to ensure they always have a friendly ear and experienced voices to guide them within an addiction-free lifestyle. We feel that this type of after-care support is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the face of former triggers and temptations, which is why we’re one of the few wellness centers to champion it.

Not only do we stay in touch with former residents on personal levels, we also have a robust social media presence that enables consistent contact while still respecting privacy. We treat each individual that has moved through our programs as an ongoing success story, and make ourselves available for advice and guidance when they’re needed the most. While we strive to always offer the best in residential treatment, we know that the world beyond our comfortable rooms, customized treatments and catered meals can be challenging, and our alumni program keeps our graduates ready to tackle it without fear.

We like to have fun, too! Our Alumni program also arranges frequent outings and social gatherings for socialization. These events bring together Lumiere peers that not only share an important achievement in common but will never pressure attendees to partake in the substances they’ve overcome. That means having a great time without worries over “fitting in” or being confronted with harmful addictive substances.

Our alumni are one of the best parts of the Lumiere experience, and we’d love to count you among them. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction to opiates, alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, or methadone, contact us today for an evaluation – you could be attending Alumni program events in far less time than you imagine!

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If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, don’t wait any longer to get professional help. The specialists at our detox services and treatment program in Florida are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about the admissions process. Call Lumiere Detox Center today at 855-535-8501. Break free from addiction now and live the life you are destined for.