Privacy Policy

At Lumiere Detox Center, we take the protection of Personal Information very seriously. Below is a summary of Lumiere Detox Center’s Privacy Policy in order to provide you with information about how Private Information is used and protected by Lumiere Detox Center. This Privacy Policy summary provides an overview of:

  • How Lumiere Detox Center utilizes your Personal Information;
  • How Lumiere Detox Center protects your Personal Information;
  • The types of Personal Information collected by Lumiere Detox Center;
  • The way and manner Lumiere Detox Center shares your Personal Information with third parties;
  • How you can contact Lumiere Detox Center about privacy concerns and/or questions; AND
  • How you can choose to prevent Lumiere Detox Center from using your Personal Information.

All Lumiere Detox Center users should take the time to read and review our Privacy Policy for complete details about Lumiere Detox Centers privacy practices.

Personal Information Collected by Lumiere Detox Center

Lumiere Detox Center collects “Personal Information,” which includes names, telephone numbers, addresses, health information, and email addresses, in the following manner:

  • When Lumiere Detox Center live chat software is utilized;
  • When Lumiere Detox Center contact forms are submitted;
  • When Lumiere Detox Center “Email a Friend” service is utilized; OR
  • When you participate in an online Lumiere Detox Center survey.

Lumiere Detox Center also collects “Non-Personal Information,” which is information that cannot be used by Lumiere Detox Center to directly identify you. Non-Personal Information is collected via:

  • Web Browser Cookies;
  • Web Beacons;
  • Lumiere Detox Center Mobile Device Applications; AND
  • External Sources.

Lumiere Detox Center reserves the right to collect Non-Personal Information, even if you have not registered with Lumiere Detox Center, or have not provided any personal information to Lumiere Detox Center.

Can I Choose Which Personal Information That Lumiere Detox Center Uses?

Yes, Lumiere Detox Center users can choose which Personal Information we use. Per the Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy, you should not sign up for, nor utilize specific Lumiere Detox Center tools and applications that collect Personal Information. Those who have already registered with Lumiere Detox Center should unsubscribe from the Lumiere Detox Center email list in order to prevent the use of their Personal Information.

How Does Lumiere Detox Center Utilize My Personal Information?

Lumiere Detox Center uses the Personal Information collected from you in the following ways:

  • To provide you with access to Lumiere Detox Center services and tools;
  • To provide you with relevant administrative communications;
  • To provide responses to your inquires;
  • To obtain your feedback regarding Lumiere Detox Center websites and product offerings;
  • To perform statistical analysis of your Site activities and behaviors;
  • To provide you and similar users with access to relevant content based on shared interests and demographic characteristics;
  • To send secure electronic communications and personalized emails in the form of announcements, reminders, opportunities, and news to you about relevant health interests; AND
  • To send important offers and materials provided by Lumiere Detox Center sponsors.

Lumiere Detox Center sometimes combines the Non-Personal Information and Personal Information it collects, and sometimes also combines both types of data with information collected by external parties. User Non-Personal Information is sometimes used to display relevant advertisements that reflect the preferences and interests of the Lumiere Detox Center community.

With Whom Does Lumiere Detox Center Share My Information?

Lumiere Detox Center only discloses Personal Information to third parties, when you specifically consent to the disclosure, or when the disclosure is necessary to:

  • Comply with legal requests, regulations, laws, subpoenas, court orders, or search warrants;
  • Allow vendors and suppliers to proceed in their provision of services and/or products on Lumiere Detox Center’s behalf;
  • Respond to corporate changes in control as a result of bankruptcy, merger, or asset sales; OR
  • Respond to specific situations, such as physical threats to you or others.

Lumiere Detox Center will not provide Personal Information to third parties for marketing purposes, unless your consent has been obtained.

How Does Lumiere Detox Center Retain and Secure Personal Information?

Lumiere Detox Center has put administrative, physical and technical safeguards in place in order to ensure the sufficient protection of all collected Personal Information.

Contact Lumiere Detox Center Today

Feel free to contact Lumiere Detox Center today with any questions or concerns you have about Lumiere Detox Center and its Privacy Policy and use of Personal Information. Email us using our Contact Us form, or contact us at:

250 Thelma Avenue, Jupiter, FL 33458

Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy

Lumiere Detox Center takes the protection of your Personal Information serious. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive, informative and easy to understand Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy. Contained below are the different ways that you can choose, or not choose to have your Personal Information collected by Lumiere Detox Center. All Lumiere Detox Center users should take the time to review this Privacy Policy in order to become fully informed about their rights as Lumiere Detox Center users.

The Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy governs all Lumiere Detox Center operated and owned websites, including Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy applies to all Lumiere Detox Center Sites that are used for non-commercial consumer purposes. Except as otherwise noted, all Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy statements as related to Lumiere Detox Center Sites, similarly apply to any and all Lumiere Detox Center Smartphone Device Applications created for Apple and Android devices.

Any reference to “Lumiere Detox Center” made within this Privacy Policy includes any and all companies controlled or operated by Lumiere Detox Center. Lumiere Detox Center reserves the right to share your Personal Information with Lumiere Detox Center subsidiaries, and also with all other websites and ventures operated or controlled by Lumiere Detox Center. However, all Personal Information collected pursuant to this Privacy Policy remains protected under the terms of thisLumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy.

The Collection of User Personal Information

This Privacy Policy defines “Personal Information” as information that can be used to identify or contact a specific person. Common examples of “Personal Information” include your name, email address, home address or telephone number. Your decision to access Lumiere Detox Center’s Site functionality often requires the submission of your Personal Information, and many interactive services and tools on the Lumiere Detox Center website often require you to submit health information that would be considered “Personal Information”, as defined within this Privacy Policy. As a Lumiere Detox Center Site user, you are personally responsible for ensuring that you only submit true and accurate Personal Information to Lumiere Detox Center. The submission of false and/or inaccurate Personal Information could have negative affects on your Lumiere Detox Center user experience by negatively impacting the proper functioning of Lumiere Detox Center products and tools, while also preventing Lumiere Detox Center from contacting you in the manner outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Registering With Lumiere Detox Center

Access to many Lumiere Detox Center services and tools is restricted to registered users. While some Lumiere Detox Center tools and services retain your Personal Information, other Lumiere Detox Center tools and services collect and store your Personal Information as outlined by the Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy. In certain instances you may be asked to authorize the use of your Personal Information in a manner that is different than what is outlined in this Privacy Policy. However, such uses requiring customer authorization will not be commenced unless you have provided the relevant, additional authorization at the time Personal Information is requested as a term of use. Lastly, Lumiere Detox Center will not use Personal Information submitted in connection with a tool requiring user authorization as a means to provide advertisements to you either on, or off any Lumiere Detox Center web site.

Electronic Communications From Lumiere Detox Center

Lumiere Detox Center often provides electronic communications in the form of emails and newsletters. During the registration with, and use of Lumiere Detox Center Sites, you may be provided with the option of providing Lumiere Detox Center with your Personal Information in exchange for receiving regular, informative promotional newsletters, emails and other electronic communications. Electronic communications from Lumiere Detox Center in the form of emails and newsletters are sent directly from either Lumiere Detox Center or from third parties. On occasion Lumiere Detox Center offers newsletters and other communication subscriptions via third party websites. Users who sign up with Lumiere Detox Center via third party websites are often required to provide email addresses and other Personal Information. Personal Information provided via third party websites will be used in the same manner and fashion outlined by this Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy.

You can-opt out of receiving Lumiere Detox Center promotional communications at the time that you sign up to receive Lumiere Detox Center newsletters and other electronic communications. You can also unsubscribe from Lumiere Detox Center newsletters and other Lumiere Detox Center electronic communications by following the “Unsubscribe Me” instructions located at the bottom of the Lumiere Detox Center electronic communication.

Lumiere Detox Center’s“Email a Friend” Service

Lumiere Detox Center provides the “Email a Friend” Service so that you can share information about Lumiere Detox Center products, services and newsletters with your friends. In order to use the “Email a Friend” service, you must submit the intended recipient’s name, their personal email address, and your personal email address. Once this information is submitted, Lumiere Detox Center automatically sends a one-time invite email to the friend that lists your email and name as the email sender contact information. Lumiere Detox Center will not utilize the provided friend information for any other purpose beyond sending the email, and will not use any information beyond that which was provided to submit the email requested.

Consumer Research

On occasion Lumiere Detox Center utilizes user focus groups, online surveys and email requests in order to conduct online user research, surveys and analysis. When users participate in a Lumiere Detox Center survey they are often required to submit Personal Information. Personal Information submitted in response to Lumiere Detox Center user surveys will be used primarily for measurement and research purposes. During the collection of Personal Information, Lumiere Detox Center will not purposefully nor knowingly register survey participants, unless they are 13 years of age or older. All market research surveys conducted on behalf of Lumiere Detox Center will include a link to the Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy.

Lumiere Detox Center Public Forums

Lumiere Detox Center provides user connectivity services by providing blogs and other public forums that are accessible through the Lumiere Detox Center Site. Users can visit these forums and connect with other Lumiere Detox Center users suffering from similar health issues and to meet those who have similar interests. Users can also use Lumiere Detox Center forums to present health questions to relevant health experts and other users. These forums are public in nature, and in no way can be considered “private”.

All information, whether personal or non-personal that is shared via any Lumiere Detox Center public forum, online community or chat room is considered public, and is not “private”. As a result you should carefully consider before posting your Personal Information on any Lumiere Detox Center forum. Remember that all information posted on a Lumiere Detox Center forum can be easily viewed, collected and disclosed by a third party without Lumiere Detox Center’ consent. In fact, Lumiere Detox Center cannot predict or control how Public Information posted on a Lumiere Detox Center public forum will or may be used, or abused by other third parties, and cannot ensure that such third parties will not use Personal Information as a means to contact you in furtherance of any unauthorized purpose. As is the case with all online public forums, information provided on a Lumiere Detox Center public forum could potentially be returned via third-party search engines.

Here at Lumiere Detox Center we understand that mistakes can happen. As a result, you should contact Lumiere Detox Center if you have mistakenly shared any Personal Information on a Lumiere Detox Center public forum. Use the Lumiere Detox Center Contact Use page to submit a removal request in order to have mistakenly shared Personal Information removed from a Lumiere Detox Center public forum. In certain instances, Lumiere Detox Center might not be able to remove the requested Personal Information.

User Email Communications With Lumiere Detox Center

The Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy does not apply to ideas, concepts, inventions, information and any other content that you send to Lumiere Detox Center via email. In order to provide protection for such content, you are advised to not send proprietary or private content of any nature to Lumiere Detox Center via email.

The Collection of User Non-Personal Information

This Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy defines “Non-Personal Information” as information that can be used to contact or identify a user. Even when you do not provide Personal Information, and do not register with Lumiere Detox Center, certain Non-Personal Information may still be collected. This information relates to how the Lumiere Detox Center Web Sites are being used. Though some of the Lumiere Detox Center Websites can be used without registration, most Lumiere Detox Center Web Sites services and tools require registration for use.

Web Beacons & Cookies

Lumiere Detox Center uses Web Beacons and Cookies to collect user Non-Personal Information during the use of Lumiere Detox Center Web Sites. “Web Beacons” are defined as the image files that are embedded in web pages in order to monitor user activity on web pages that collect your browser information, which is subsequently returned to a web page’s home server. Relevant browser information collected by Web Beacons include the IP address or the browser type being used to access the Lumiere Detox Center website. “Cookies” are defined as those data files installed on the hard drive of the computer that was used to view the Lumiere Detox Center Site. Lumiere Detox Center assigns cookies to all computers that access a Lumiere Detox Center Site.

Both Lumiere Detox Center and Lumiere Detox Center third-party contractors have the right to use both Web Beacons and Cookies as a means to obtain Non-Personal Information as it relates to Lumiere Detox Center Web Site usage.

Mobile Use Optimized Sites & Mobile Device Apps

Oftentimes Lumiere Detox Center Apps require registration and user login for use. The information collected via the use of Lumiere Detox Center Apps is considered Personal Information under the Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy.

Lumiere Detox Center’ use of Web Beacons and Cookies on Lumiere Detox Center Mobile Sites is governed in the same manner as desktop sites. A user’s right to reject Lumiere Detox Center’ Cookies when accessing a Lumiere Detox Center mobile site is outlined in greater detail in our “Can I Choose Which Personal Information That Lumiere Detox Center Uses” section.

Can I Choose Which Personal Information That Lumiere Detox Center Uses?

Removing or Updating Personal Information

Users who do not want their Personal Information used in one of the manners outlined in this Privacy Policy should refrain from registering as a Lumiere Detox Center member, and should also refrain from using any Lumiere Detox Center application or tool that requests Personal Information. Contact Lumiere Detox Center if you have registered with Lumiere Detox Center, and would like to request that certain, already provided Personal Information be deleted from the Lumiere Detox Center systems. Removal requests submitted to Lumiere Detox Center will be answered in the manner received, and when feasible all submitted Personal Information will be deleted from Lumiere Detox Center databases and systems.

It is important to note that it will not always be technologically feasible for Lumiere Detox Center to remove every instance of Personal Information provided to Lumiere Detox Center. However, Lumiere Detox Center will do its best to fully respond to all removal requests.
Lumiere Detox Center users also have the option to either “Opt-Out”, or unsubscribe from receiving electronic communications from Lumiere Detox Center in the form of newsletters and or personalized emails. Follow the instructions at the bottom of Lumiere Detox Center electronic communications to unsubscribe or opt-out of future electronic communications from Lumiere Detox Center.


Users can choose to reject Lumiere Detox Center Cookies by changing their browser specifications to reject Cookies. Users who reject Lumiere Detox Center Cookies may have issues with using Lumiere Detox Center Web Sites, which might not work properly as a result of the Cookies being rejected by their browser. It must be noted that opt-out services provided by Lumiere Detox Center require that Lumiere Detox Center Cookies be accepted by your web browser because Lumiere Detox Center opt-out processes utilize Cookies in order to allow the opt-out processes to function properly.

How Does Lumiere Detox Center Utilize User Personal Information?

The information that Lumiere Detox Center collects from you is used by Lumiere Detox Center to:

  • Provide you with information about, and access to Lumiere Detox Center services, resources and tools;
  • Respond to inquiries sent to Lumiere Detox Center about its’ products, sites and services;
  • Obtain your feedback regarding the use of Lumiere Detox Center Web Site, products and services;
  • Analyze your activity and behavior, in particular the frequency of your visits to Lumiere Detox Center sites;
  • Provide users who share similar interests and characteristics with access to relevant advertisements and content from the Lumiere Detox Center Web Sites, and from other third party sites;
  • Send personalized communications (emails, news releases and reminders) to you about relevant health issues;
  • Send promotional materials and offers on behalf of Lumiere Detox Center sponsors.

When Lumiere Detox Center utilizes your information, they sometimes combine Personal Information with Non-Personal Information that’s been collected, and this information may also be subsequently combined with additional information provided by external third parties.

In addition to providing standard electronic communications, Lumiere Detox Center also delivers personalized communications that have been created based on Personal Information provided to Lumiere Detox Center. This form of electronic communication requires that you choose to opt-in, by authorizing the collection and use of your Personal Information.

Research and Measurement Activities

Lumiere Detox Center sometimes combines the Personal Information and Non-Personal Information it collects with information that Lumiere Detox Center accesses from third parties, in order to measure and research the effectiveness of Lumiere Detox Center content, tools and programs. The information that Lumiere Detox Center accesses from third party could include gender, age, personal interests, purchase activities, demographics and other pertinent data. Lumiere Detox Center reserve the right to provide aggregate information gained about users to Lumiere Detox Center business partners and advertisers.

This aggregate data is maintained in a manner that prevents the ability to identify individual users. Lumiere Detox Center does not sell any Personal Information to third parties, unless they are third party contractors who require access to Personal Information in order to perform contracted services. In such instances, Lumiere Detox Center third party contractors agree to not use provided Personal Information for any reason beyond performing the services contracted for.

Who Does Lumiere Detox Center Share User Information With?

Except as otherwise provided in this Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy, or specifically authorized by you, Lumiere Detox Center does not disclose Personal Information collected through Lumiere Detox Center Web Sites. Lumiere Detox Center only releases Personal Information to third parties in order to:

  • Respond to physical threats to you or others;
  • Assert or defend legal rights or to provide protection to property; OR
  • Respond to legal requests as a result of search warrants, court order, subpoena, laws or regulations.

Lumiere Detox Center may provide Non-Personal Information, such as browsing history, to third party advertisers and service providers who will employ said Non-Personal Information in order to assist Lumiere Detox Center in delivering advertisements via the Lumiere Detox Center Web Sites.

Should a corporate change in control result in Lumiere Detox Center being sold or merged with a third party entity, or a Lumiere Detox Center asset sale or bankruptcy occurs, Lumiere Detox Center possesses the right to transfer your Personal Information to the new controlling party, or new asset owner. Should such a change occur, your Personal Information will still be collected, maintained and used in the manner outlined in this Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy.

Disclosures & Lumiere Detox Center Contractors

During the course of providing Lumiere Detox Center with services and products, Lumiere Detox Center third party contractors are provided with limited access to your Non-Personal and Personal Information. Third-party contractors who are provided with limited access to your Personal and Non-Personal Information include those suppliers and vendors who deliver data research and analysis, technological services, marketing assistance, advertisements and content required for the maintenance and operation of Lumiere Detox Center Web Sites. All Lumiere Detox Center contractors are required to follow this Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy, and are prohibited from disclosing any Personal or Non-Personal Information for any reason beyond delivering services to Lumiere Detox Center.

Disclosures & Third-Party Web Sites

Some services, content and advertisements offered on the Lumiere Detox Center Site are often from companies other than Lumiere Detox Center (“Third Party Sites”). Lumiere Detox Center will not disclose any of your Personal Information to any Third Party Sites without your express consent, However, Lumiere Detox Center is not responsible for, and does not endorse the Privacy Practices of any Third Party Web Sites, and you are responsible for reviewing the Privacy Policies of Third Party Web Sites that request your consent in exchange for access to Personal or Non-Personal Information.

How Does Lumiere Detox Center Retain & Secure User Information?

Lumiere Detox Center employs reasonable security practices and procedures in order to ensure the security of your Personal Information. Lumiere Detox Center either encrypts the transmission of all Personal Information provided by you, or transmits Personal Information through the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections.

Lumiere Detox Center retains the Personal Information it collects for as long as your Lumiere Detox Center account remains active, and as long as needed to deliver services. At any time you have the right to remove Personal Information from your Lumiere Detox Center profile, and to request that Lumiere Detox Center remove your Personal Information from our records. However, it must be acknowledged that it is not always technologically feasible to remove every instance of your collected Personal Information. Lumiere Detox Center also retains relevant user Personal Information as required to resolve disputes, comply with legal requests and obligations, and to enforce relevant legal agreements.

Children Privacy Policy

Lumiere Detox Center was not designed for use by children ages 12 years old or younger, and Lumiere Detox Center will not knowingly, nor purposefully collect the Personal Information of children ages 12 years old or younger. The guardian or parent of a child ages 12 years old or younger can use Lumiere Detox Center services and products on behalf of said minor, and such adult has the responsibility to ensure that the minor’s Personal Information is maintained and submitted in a secure and accurate manner. Such adult is also fully responsible for interpreting and utilizing any information or advice provided through Lumiere Detox Center for the benefit of the minor.

Contact Lumiere Detox Center About Privacy Concerns

Send an email using the Contact Us link to discuss any privacy concerns that you have about the Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy, or Lumiere Detox Center’ collection and use of Personal Information.

Lumiere Detox Center can also be contacted via mail at:

250 Thelma Avenue, Jupiter, FL  33458

Changes to the Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy

Lumiere Detox Center reserves the right to at any time modify and/or alter this Privacy Policy, as well as any and all Lumiere Detox Center services and tools. Unless otherwise stated, such alterations and modifications are effective upon posting. Notice of any material changes to the Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy will be provided via email notification, or by notice posted on the Lumiere Detox Center Site. You should only register with the Lumiere Detox Center Site if you accept the Lumiere Detox Center Terms & Conditions, as well as this Lumiere Detox Center Privacy Policy.