Detox Prescription Drugs Abuse

Prescription drug abuse and dependency are one of the fastest growing forms of drug abuse in the U.S. Accessibility to narcotic-based prescription drugs, more prescriptions, and the stigma of prescription drug abuse as ‘not a real addiction’ are some of the factors in the rise of abuse. Detox prescription drugs programs are more important than ever. 

Just because they’re prescribed by a doctor, doesn’t mean you can’t get hooked on prescriptions, in fact, prescriptions are what lead many to full-blown dependency, to begin with. Addictive medication from your doctor’s office includes opiates like OxyContin or Percocet, benzodiazepines like Xanax or Klonopin, or stimulants like Adderall. A patient may take their medication as prescribed, but before long they’ll find they want more, or need a bigger dose to achieve the desired effects.

It doesn’t matter if a prescription drug dependency began in a doctor’s office or on a street corner, once you’re hooked getting over an addiction can be difficult on your own. Let’s learn about the commonly-abused prescription drugs, why you need professional help when going through the detox prescription drugs process and what you can expect during detox and treatment. 

Treating the Dependence and the Person

Benzodiazepines (Anti-Anxiety Drugs) Addiction

Benzodiazepines (benzos) like Valium and Xanax have been popular drugs for treating anxiety, seizures, insomnia, muscle spasms, and other conditions for several years. Most benzos are meant for short-term use and will often be prescribed in small amounts. However, some can quickly become addicted to the sense of euphoria that benzos can provide, abuse their prescription, and find themselves on the path to dependency and addition. Benzo addiction has regularly been compared to alcohol addiction due to the drugs’ similar effects and the dangers of withdrawal.

Treating Benzo Addiction

Home detox from benzos or quitting cold turkey is extremely dangerous. Like alcohol withdrawal, benzo withdrawal can be fatal if not addressed by a professional in a safe environment. Once you become chemically dependent on benzos, your brain and body will panic when they’re taken away. Symptoms of benzo withdrawal include depression, insomnia anxiety, tremors, seizures, delirium, coma, and death.

Our Florida detox prescription drugs program will approach your benzo detox with care and clinically-proven plans. Doctors will taper you down from your dependency in a carefully controlled environment to avoid the dangers that come with benzo withdrawal. We use a variety of medicine, depending on your individual plan, to stair step you down and avoid the worst of withdrawal symptoms. Doctors may also prescribe other medications to soothe the symptoms of the detox prescription drugs process and help keep you as comfortable as possible during acute withdrawal. When you detox in a safe, professional environment you can avoid the dangers of withdrawal and put yourself on a path that is more likely to lead to recovery.

Opiate Addiction

Commonly prescribed opiates include OxyContin, Percocet, Codeine, and plenty more. All opiates can be both mentally and physically addictive even if you’ve never used drugs. Because of painful withdrawals, opiate detox can be challenging for both your body and spirit – but it can be done.

Treating Opiate Addiction

Florida prescription drug detox can help treat the symptoms of opiate withdrawal during detox and make the process as safe and comfortable as possible. Severe withdrawal symptoms often lead people directly back into relapse, but our opiate detox program can help calm your symptoms, safely flush opiates from your body, and get your feet on firm footing down the path of recovery.

Stimulant Addiction

Stimulants like Adderall or Ritalin don’t carry the scary statistics like opiates or benzos do, but you can become addicted to them all the same. Quitting stimulants cold turkey can cause withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, depression, and strong cravings for the drug.

Treating Stimulant Addiction

Stimulant withdrawal is milder than withdrawal from other prescription drugs, but psychological dependence can be tough to beat. Our medical and addiction experts will lay out both a medical and psychological plan to help you leave stimulants behind for good.

Why Choose Our Florida Prescription Drug Detox


Every dependency is different, so we tailor a detox and recovery plan that will give you the highest chance for success. Customizable treatment plans make the process easier on everyone involved. Plans include treatment of physical and mental withdrawal symptoms, individual and group therapy, coping mechanisms and ways to continue treatment, and resources for getting the most out of your time with us.

Safe and Controlled

Detox is an anxious time, but you can rest easy knowing your detox will be monitored in a safe and secure environment. Prescription withdrawal can present itself in many mental and physical symptoms, but we’re staffed twenty-four hours a day by a variety of both medical and addiction professionals. There’s no safer place to be during the detox process than under the care of our staff.

Forge the Path Ahead

Treatment of dependence or addiction doesn’t end with the detox process. Detox is simply the first step on the long road to recovery. Like our customizable detox treatment plans, we discharge all detox and treatment with patients with a customized plan on how to stay clean and resources for continued recovery. You can use the tools and resources from treatment combined with an exit plan for the greatest chance of success.

Get Help Today At Our Florida Prescription Drug Detox Center

Our detox prescription drugs program can help you for your dependency or addition whether you’re battling benzos, opiates, stimulants, or other prescription medication. If a prescription drug is doing more harm than good – it’s time to let it go.

If you or a loved one is suffering from prescription drug abuse or dependency, you need to take the first steps in recovery. You can call our Florida prescription drug detox anytime at 855-535-8501 to discuss your problem and whether or customized prescription drug dependence program is right for you. Beating any addiction is difficult – but we’re here to smooth the road ahead at Lumiere Detox Center