Florida Methadone Detox

Beating methadone is a long and difficult road – but it can be done. Saying goodbye to your methadone addiction or dependence will require effort, courage, and help from a professional. Choosing the right Florida methadone detox center is paramount to helping you finally leave methadone behind and blazing a healthy new path for your future. Let’s learn about our methadone addiction treatment center and methadone detox so you can learn why methadone is so addictive, why treatment is difficult, and how we attack your unique methadone detox and treatment with proven methods with Lumiere Detox Center. 

What is Methadone?

Methadone is an opiate-based synthetic narcotic originally developed to treat chronic pain and to help patients taper off from more directly-harmful opiates like heroin. Methadone is also sold on the streets as a recreational drug. The drug’s long duration of action, powerful physical and mental effects, low cost, and more make it a popular drug – it’s also popular to abuse. Some users begin a methadone regimen to taper themselves off other opiates but become addicted to the methadone itself.

Because methadone is meant for long-term chronic pain treatment, it is developed differently than other opiate-based medication. Opiate medications like Percocet or OxyContin have a much shorter life in your body so while withdrawals from most opiates tend to subside within a few days, methadone withdrawal symptoms may last weeks and even months. This makes treating your methadone dependency under professional care critically important.

The Dangers and Symptoms of Methadone Addiction

Like other opioids, methadone does its work on the pleasure centers of the brain, creating a temporary sense of euphoria and well-being. Abusing methadone can lead to tolerance, and both a physical and psychological dependence. Users will require more methadone to experience the same high, or just to return to normalcy throughout their addiction. Increasing dosage or taking excessive amounts of methadone can lead to depression of the central nervous system including erratic heartbeat or cardiac arrest, difficulty breathing, and death. There are several other negative symptoms attributed to methadone addiction including:                                    

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Bluish skin
  • Stomach spasms
  • Constipation
  • Dangerously Low blood pressure
  • Drowsiness
  • Confusion
  • Coma

Methadone Detox and Withdrawal

Methadone withdrawal can cause several mental and physical symptoms. Mental symptoms include insomnia, depression, and anxiety while physical symptoms can present themselves in fever, severe cramps and pains, GI distress, and much more. You can avoid the brunt of with withdrawal symptoms by detoxing in a safe and controlled facility.

Our Florida Methadone Detox’s Professional Approach

Any successful recovery program starts with detox. Before you begin the next chapter of the recovery process and before you’re fully able to comprehend the next steps – you need to rid yourself and system of the drug. Detox is one of the most challenging parts of the recovery process but can be much less painful if you choose a professional facility to help you in the process. Our Florida methadone detox has a four-step treatment and detox platform that’s helped others beat their methadone dependency.  

  • Evaluation – We learn about you and your dependency including taking a patient history. This will help us tailor a detox plan suited for you.
  • Medical Detox & Stabilization – The detox and withdrawal process are overseen by a team of medical and addiction professionals.
  • Case Management & Education – Work with addiction and dependency experts to further educate yourself about the next steps.
  • Discharge Planning – We discharge all patients with an individual plan of continued care.

Why Detox at Florida Methadone Detox?


Withdrawing from opiates like methadone won’t kill you, but if you try detoxing on your own you might wish you were dead. Opiate withdrawal symptoms can feel like a moderate head cold for a light-user to debilitating whole-body pain for moderate to chronic users. Unfortunately, most coming off methadone are heavy and chronic users. We provide a safe environment to help you through the worst of the detox process where you won’t be a danger to yourself or others.


Opiate withdrawal is a painful process, and methadone withdrawal is among the most painful due to its prolonged effects. Florida methadone detox will make the withdrawal and detox process as painless as possible through tapering the drug, proper nutrition, check-ups and monitoring, and more. We can’t guarantee withdrawal will be a painless process but those who have their withdrawal symptoms treated in a professional facility are much more likely to make it through the worst of the detox process without relapsing.

The Toolbox

It takes multiple tools and resources to beat an addiction or dependency. Our Florida Methadone Detox will help you build your recovery toolbox by helping you identify triggers, teach you how to cope with cravings, ways to change behavior, tips, and tricks on withdrawal symptoms, and much more. By the time you leave our facility, you will have several tools to help you walk down the path of recovery.

A Plan and Proven Success

Once your time at our Florida detox center is done, we won’t boot you on the street without tools to protect yourself from addiction relapse. As stated earlier we will leave you with a plan of action on how to remain methadone free including local support groups, literature and online resources, and other tools for success to keep you clean for the rest of your life. You can read our testimonials to see how we’ve helped others and can help you too.

Get Help Today At Our Florida Methadone Detox

Methadone is considered one of the most difficult drugs to detox from and should only be attempted under the care of a professional in a safe and equipped detox facility.

Luckily, we’ve been helping those with methadone addiction beat their dependence in a safe and comforting environment for years and can demonstrate our devotion to you or a loved one. If you or someone you know is suffering from methadone dependence, call us today at 855-535-8501 to get the help you need and to further explain the process. Lumiere methadone detox can provide the help you’ve always needed. Contact Lumiere Detox Center today.