Heroin Detox Florida

Heroin is an extremely addictive illicit street drug that has no medical purpose. It is derived from the poppy plant and produces a number of effects, such as a rush of pleasure and detachment from one’s surroundings. And despite common knowledge on how dangerous heroin can be, it remains one of the most abused substances today. As you can see, Heroin Detox Florida programs are needed more now than ever.

In May 2017, the Governor of Florida declared that the state is suffering from an opioid epidemic, as people of all backgrounds turn to illegal drugs like heroin to satisfy their opioid addiction. Some people become hooked on opioids following a prescription for strong pain meds, while others turn to drugs to help them deal with problems in their lives. No matter how heroin addiction starts, Lumiere Detox Center in Jupiter, FL can provide an effective and safe heroin detox.

Heroin Addiction In America

In 2016, heroin addiction resulted in 15,446 overdose deaths. Since 2000, this number has been steadily increasing, with a dramatic spike in 2011 when the opioid epidemic was declared for the first time by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
The prevalence of heroin addiction in America has to do with people experimenting with this drug and seeking it out, but it also is tied to the rise in prescription drug abuse. Many heroin addicts started out with a prescription opioid, like oxycodone or hydrocodone, for a medical condition such as an injury or chronic pain. As they continued to use the prescription medication, they developed a tolerance. And, when obtaining the prescription medication became too complicated or too expensive, they switched to heroin, as it produces the same effects but is much cheaper and easier to access.

Today, thousands of people are addicted to heroin. Many of those individuals remain addicted because every time they attempt to stop, the withdrawal symptoms they experience become so unbearable that their only answer is to go back to using. Thankfully, our heroin detox Florida program is available to help these individuals withdraw comfortably and effectively.

What To Expect At Our Florida Heroin Detox

Kicking a heroin habit is not only incredibly difficult but can also be dangerous. Our Heroin detox Florida program is often not a process that people are able to go through on their own at home. Lumiere Detox Center has all the facilities, medicines, and professional expertise that are needed to help a heroin addict safely withdraw.

Lumiere Detox Center offers a medically assisted detox program to help people become completely free from drugs. During this process, staff at the detox facility monitor patients 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Medical professionals can monitor the health of the detoxing person to ensure their condition remains stable throughout the program. At the end of the detox process, staff will work with the patient to plan a successful discharge which will help them to stay away from drugs after they leave.

Heroin Withdrawal Signs and Symptoms

Employees at the Lumiere Detox Center in Jupiter, FL are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of heroin withdrawal. The aim is to minimize these symptoms to protect the health of the person who is detoxing from heroin. Here are some symptoms that can occur during withdrawal.

The following symptoms usually occur early in the withdrawal process:

  • Agitation and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle aches
  • Running nose and watery eyes
  • Sweating
  • Yawning
  • Abdominal cramps and diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dilated pupils
  • Goosebumps

At the Lumiere Detox Center, medical professionals help heroin addicts cope with these symptoms. The aim is to provide a calm and supportive environment that can help to combat the anxiety and other bad feelings associated with withdrawal.

As an individual continually goes without heroin, he or she might also develop other symptoms that can last much longer, such as depression, anxiety, and paranoia.

An individual’s withdrawal experience will be determined by the severity of his or her heroin addiction. For example, someone who only used heroin for a short period of time is likely to have an easier time withdrawing, while someone who has abused it for years will likely have a more severe withdrawal.

While each person withdraws differently, heroin withdrawal often begins with one to three days of headaches, muscle pain, aggression, panic attacks, gastrointestinal issues, and more. It can be very easy to go right back to abusing heroin, as doing so will stop these symptoms from occurring. Days three to five often include a lessening of symptoms, however, individuals can still experience stomach cramps, fatigue, and shivers. As the days continue, symptoms will become less pronounced until the body is cleared of heroin.

It is important that individuals who want to stop abusing heroin do so when under the care of medical professionals. Heroin can be so powerful that even the people who want to stop using the most find themselves back using. However, if done in a secure, professional setting, individuals can receive the support needed to continue to push through the withdrawal symptoms.

Treatment at Our Heroin Detox Florida Facility

One of the greatest advantages of detoxing in a professional facility like our Florida heroin detox is being able to receive medications that can help curb painful withdrawal symptoms. Some of the most commonly used medications used in helping treat heroin withdrawal symptoms include the following:


Suboxone is categorized as a partial opioid agonist-antagonist, meaning that this medication can stimulate areas of the brain that opioids can without causing the dangerous effects of abuse. This medication contains a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. Buprenorphine works by controlling the receptors in the brain, helping the individual feel a sense of relief from withdrawal symptoms. This medication also helps decrease cravings for the desired substance of abuse. Naloxone is effective at reversing the bad effects caused by opioids. When combined with buprenorphine, it enhances the strength of the medication in terms of controlling cravings.


Subutex works very similarly as suboxone, however, it does not contain naloxone. Subutex only contains buprenorphine, which still works to suppress cravings and minimize withdrawal symptoms while in detox. However, since naloxone also serves its purpose of helping prevent overdose, most patients who are taking Subutex are required to have their medications provided to them on a daily basis by medical personnel. This is because Subutex can be addictive if improperly used.


Methadone works in the same ways that Suboxone and Subutex do, as it helps minimize withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This medication alters the way in which the brain reacts to pain all while preventing an individual from achieving the desired effects caused by heroin. Methadone has been utilized for decades and has proven to be clinically effective for the treatment of heroin addiction, however, it must be used exactly how prescribed, as it can become habit forming.

While medication is a major part of our Florida heroin detox, it is not the only part of treatment that is provided. Our Florida heroin detox also provides around the clock monitoring by medical professionals to ensure the health and well-being of the patients. Additionally, therapeutic services are encouraged, such as individual and group therapy, to offer additional support during this trying time. Because most people who detox from heroin do so within a facility. Lumiere’s Florida heroin detox Florida program has helped to develop full treatment plans for each one of our patients that include therapy and aftercare plans in addition to detox.

Getting Help With Lumiere Detox Center

Detoxing from heroin at home is extremely difficult. Even if you have access to prescription medicines and the support of a caring local doctor, managing the symptoms of withdrawal can be very challenging. Detox can be a frightening process when you are going it alone, which can lead some people to fail in their detox attempt and end up returning to using heroin.

A better option is to check into a residential detox facility, such as Lumiere Detox Center in Jupiter, FL. This facility offers 24/7 monitoring and support, as well as help to manage withdrawal symptoms. In addition to a medical detox program, Lumiere Detox Center can also offer psychological support. This provides an opportunity to explore the reasons underlying the addiction and develop a plan to stay clear of triggers that could cause you to go back to using heroin.

Many people worry about giving up control by entering a detox facility. However, there is no need for concern, as the environment at Lumiere Detox Center is welcoming, supportive, and respectful. All staff are ready to work with patients and listen to their concerns regarding the withdrawal process. During the admissions procedure, there is an opportunity to talk about both physical and emotional factors that could affect your recovery and develop a treatment plan that can help you take a positive step forward. Every patient at Lumiere Detox Center is given a private room to help them retain their comfort and privacy during the detox process.

Find Treatment Today At Our Heroin Detox Florida Facility

If you are struggling with heroin addiction, you are not alone. A huge number of people in Florida and across the nation as a whole have been affected by the heroin epidemic. You also don’t have to go through recovery from heroin addiction alone. Lumiere Detox Center is ready to provide all the help you need to stop using heroin and begin to address the issues that led you to rely on the drug in the first place with our heroin detox Florida. Call us today at 855-535-8501.