Drug and Alcohol Detox

Drug and alcohol detox is the most important and most dangerous part of the process of becoming well. At Lumiere Detox Center, we offer customized treatment plans designed to address you or your loved one’s specific needs during this challenging part of their life. Taking the first step towards wellness means first ridding the body of the substances at the heart of their addiction. We welcome new patients to learn more about our safe, medically monitored drug and alcohol detox program. Questions? Call one of our addiction professionals today 855-535-8501.

High-Level Care During Detox

Detox, short for detoxification, is the process of removing a dangerous substance from the body. During detox, a patient may experience both emotional and physical challenges from the withdrawal from the drugs or alcohol. Because the body often becomes dependent on the substance, even in large quantities, simply stopping its use becomes nearly impossible without medical guidance. It is our goal to ensure you, or your loved one has access to the most advanced care possible in this manner.

At Lumiere Detox Center, we offer a medically assisted detox program. Patients are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during this program. This ensures the patient’s care is always maintained at the highest level for safety reasons. This is the most intensive level of care. But, because it is also the most dangerous portion of the wellness process, it is necessary in many situations.

When Is Detox Necessary?

When are you or your loved one ready for detox? This is a very sensitive question that’s hard to answer. However, our Lumiere Detox Center has helped thousands of people to overcome their addictions through a safe, medically supervised detox program. Our drug and alcohol detox program begin with an evaluation from a team of professionals. We encourage anyone to take this initial step. If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, your body may not physically be able to stop demanding the chemicals on its own. Detox gives your body the ability to move past this level of addiction so you can work towards recovery in a more effective manner.

Treating drug and alcohol detox is a complex process. Our goal is to provide treatment in the most respectful manner to ensure you or your loved one’s dignity is maintained throughout the process. We do encourage openness about addictions within our community. In doing so, we aim to help reduce the stigma attached to detox and drug detox.

Comprehensive Detox in a Safe Environment

At Lumiere Detox Center in Florida, our detox program provides comprehensive care to address the specific needs of each individual. This includes your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We ensure this is possible by providing a full line of professionals to aid in the process. Each patient will have physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, clinicians and other addiction specialists by their side throughout their care. This team helps to ensure your well-being is always our focus.

Many members of our team have life-changing challenges they’ve faced and overcome. They’ve struggled as men and women facing complex situations. Because they have this level of experience, they can provide hands-on care that’s more meaningful and specific. We work hard to support you through this recovery lifestyle.

Detox Programs Designed for Specific Patient Needs

We offer a number of detox programs designed to meet the needs of individuals. This includes the following:

Alcohol Detox: Alcohol detox helps patients to overcome the psychological and physical dependence and addiction to alcohol. The amount and type of detox depends on the unique situations the patient is facing.

Drug Detox: Drug detox tends to be difficult in most cases depending on the types of chemicals in your system. Our team will evaluate the specific drug type and create a detox program designed to address the physical demands.

Opiate Detox: This narcotic is one of the most complex types of detox patients must undergo today. Individuals may be using heroin, codeine, methadone, OxyCotin, Dilaudid, or many other pain medications. Simply stopping them is not a recommended process. Our goal will be to offer a safe drug detox that protects your body and mind.

Methadone Detox: This synthetic narcotic can be just as difficult to overcome. However, it is often a part of a narcotic replacement therapy, which can lead to its own dependency problems. Our goal is to help your body to safely remove methadone so you can work towards recovery.

Prescription Drug Detox: Patients experiencing prescription drug dependency often don’t recognize the symptoms of drug addiction early on. However, dependency occurs very quickly and requires a medically safe process for detoxification.

Creating a Personalized Detox and Recovery Program

drug and detox is only the first step in the recovery process. Each patient’s needs are assessed thoroughly when they visit our location. The right first step is to contact us immediately for the help you need with evaluation and detox then, we’ll work with you through our innovative and advanced approach to create a unique, patient-focused plan to address your needs. This will follow a path such as:

  • Evaluation and determination of your needs
  • Medical detox and stabilization
  • Case management and education
  • Discharge planning

Our goal is to help you create the life you desire. That’s why our detox and recovery program is always specialized to your needs.

How Does the Process Get Started?

If you or your loved one is battling an addiction or is worried they may be facing one soon, take the first step and get help now. Call our confidential 24-hour helpline for immediate assistance. From there, our team will work with you to choose the right addiction program based on what you are facing. At Lumiere Detox Center, you’ll gain access to a safe, medically assisted drug and alcohol detox program that reduces your pain, discomfort, and dependency. Seeking out treatment allows you to establish addiction recovery that’s based on your terms.

Our goal is to help support you through the recovery process. Detox specifically focuses on correcting the medical and physical demand for the substance. We treat the withdrawal symptoms throughout the process to ensure you do not suffer and are not facing pain as a result of detox. That’s essential. With the help of this medically assisted detox, you have a better opportunity to progress through the recovery process.

Lumiere Detox Center also offers outpatient care after you’ve worked through the detoxification and treatment plans. This approach gives you ongoing support and guidance as you continue to build your life around and after alcohol or drug addiction. Take the first step now by calling Lumiere Detox Center to learn about our drug and alcohol detox program as well as how you can start on the path to wellness using detox.

Don’t spend another day battling addiction or drug use on your own.

Call us for more information about how medically safe detox can help you get off drugs and improve your chance at a drug-free life – 855-535-8501.