5 Tips When Choosing A Florida Detox Center

The struggle against addiction is never easy. It takes effort, determination, and support. If you have reached the point that you are Choosing a Florida detox centerseeking a detox center in Florida, you are already showing the determination necessary to end an addiction and you are seeking out the right type of support.


However, while a detox center in Florida significantly increases your chances to successfully end your addiction, it works best when you choose the right detox center. There are hundreds of detox

centers in Florida. Choosing the right one for your specific needs means asking the right questions and understanding your …
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The Holidays in Recovery

Staying Sober & Clean During the Holidays

One of the most difficult times of the year to abstain from using an addictive substance (alcohol in particular) is the winter holidays, due in large part to a combination of two things:

  • A festive environment, created by a series of holidays, all in a row. No matter what winter holiday you celebrate, it’s likely going to come shortly after Thanksgiving dinner and right before
  • New Year’s Eve. What do all these holidays have in common? For most people, it’s consuming alcohol to celebrate.
  • The holidays also mean the arrival of new stressors

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What is Rapid Detox

Pros and Cons of Rapid Detox

What is Rapid detox

The concept of “rapid detox” seems like a life-saver. Imagine a situation where someone addicted to drugs can receive treatment and experience recovery without taking much (if any) time away

from work, school, family or any of life’s obligations and responsibilities. It seems too good to be true, right?

Although some rapid detox programs are touting early success, it most likely is. The reality is that detox is just one step in a process that is usually long and difficult, and the best outcomes do not tend to come when detox is treated like …
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Substance Abuse in Veterans

Substance Abuse in VeteransWe hear a lot about veterans in the United States returning from duty overseas with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We don’t hear as much about the same populations having heightened risk of developing substance abuse disorders, but the fact is that the two conditions are directly related. As a result, the veterans community in the US suffers from one of the highest rates of addiction of any demographic or population group nationwide causing many veterans seeking addiction treatment.

With a historic backlog with VA medical facilities means that veterans seeking addiction treatment don’t have as many options as they …
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Against Medical Advise (AMA)

Against Medical AdviseAMA is an acronym that means a variety of things in the medical community. For example, it can stand for “advanced maternal age,” “American Medical Association,” or “antimitochondrial antibody.” In the field of alcohol and drug detox, though, it stands for “against medical advice” and it represents one of the greatest roadblocks to successful drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

The Dilemma

When dealing with any type of medical issue, the best way to successfully recover is to follow your doctor’s orders to the letter. Most patients inherently understand that concept, including patients that enter a detoxification and rehabilitation program.

A …
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The Need for Florida-Based Detox Centers

florida detox center

The Need for A Reputable Florida Detox Center

In past years, it seemed that the state of Florida had an abundance of detox and rehab centers, provided by benevolent oversight so that addicts could have a place to receive high-quality treatment and recover from their disease. After all, surely a state with a billion-dollar drug treatment industry could provide help to all those who needed it, right?

As it turned out, many of these rehab centers were frauds. Taking advantage of the new, well-intentioned health insurance laws put into place by President Obama, scammers began working with these so-called “rehab …
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Does My Loved One Have an Addiction?

Have an addictionAddictions don’t just appear out of nowhere. It can be tough to spot the signs of addiction in a loved one, because they tend to creep up a little at a time. An abnormal behavior that raises your eyebrows once may start to feel “normal” all too quickly. You may be aware of individual subtle signs in your loved one without recognizing the overall pattern that points to addiction.

Signs of Addiction

Signs and symptoms of addiction vary from one person to another, and they manifest in slightly different ways. If you see a pattern of behavior reflecting these signs, …
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Can I Stay Sober in College

Sober Life in College

Drinking and college have long gone hand-in-hand, even before Animal House. Young people just free from the confines of their parents’ homes are practically expected to drink, experiment with

drugs and alcohol and get into trouble. Unfortunately, this often means getting started down a long road of making unhealthy choices that many people can’t handle without negatively impacting their own lives.

The Health Impact of Drinking in College

The sad fact of college drinking culture is that social alcohol consumption is rarely done in a healthy way. College students often associate the opportunity to drink with the opportunity to …
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OPEN HOUSE – Jupiter Detox Center

Friends and Colleagues,

In recent months, Lumiere Detox Center has gone through a series of positive changes. We have welcomed our new CEO, Robert Lee. Robert joins us with more than 25 years of leadership

experience within major healthcare organizations. We have added a Chief Clinical Officer. Dr. Kaisha Thomas is dually licensed in the State of Florida as a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and holds certification as a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). Additionally, Dr. Thomas has been awarded credentials by the National Board for Certified Counselors as both a National Certified Counselor (NCC) …
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Signs & Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal

Signs & Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol Withdrawal

When you drink alcohol, your brain releases an enticing concoction of dopamine and endorphins – two chemicals that make

you feel pleasure. While activities such as exercise can also release these chemicals, when you drink alcohol, these chemicals are released in the part of your brain that’s linked to addictive behavior, which encourages you to repeat the behavior.

To put it simply: drinking alcohol releases chemicals that make you feel good, and because you feel good you want to repeat the experience. Over time, this can and will lead to cravings – particularly among …
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