The Lumiere Detox Center Difference

In today’s incredibly challenging world, the need for Florida alcohol detox centers is growing significantly. Not all locations are the same. At Lumiere Detox Center, we strive to be superior in everything we do. This ensures that each one of our patients gets the incredible care they simply need to start and complete the road to recovery. Lumiere Detox Center stands apart from the other providers for multiple reasons. At the heart of those reasons is a true passion to help individuals even when they have failed or struggled many times before.

Super Patient Care Is Always at the Forefront

At the heart of the services we offer to our patients is comprehensive, supportive patient care. We’re committed to creating the ideal location for each patient to see significant improvement in their health and well-being. That means we use only the most well-trained and dedicated team of medical professionals. We also strive to use the most modern and advanced treatment programs.

While all of this is important to our patients’ success, Lumiere Detox Center also understands the human side of the process of drug and alcohol recovery. That is, we embrace the real life, intense situations that our patients battle on a routine basis. We’re trusted, experienced, and realistic professionals dedicated to meeting the needs of today’s alcohol and drug dependent individual.

Evidence-Based Treatment Plans

To facilitate the best possible opportunities for each of our patients, our Florida alcohol detox facility focuses on evidence-based treatment plans. That is, we use programs designed and proven to provide patients with the support and recovery opportunities they need. This type of plan reduces the conflicts during the recovery process. It also ensures that all family members are a part of the program and receive the appropriate care they need. We work closely with each of our patients to ensure the best possible access to care.

We also understand that each patient’s needs are unique. That is why we offer a variety of treatment options and a customized plan to help patients to safely detox and recover from the impact that drugs and alcohol have. It is always our goal to create a comprehensive assessment-based plan for each of our patients.

State-of-the-Art Facility – Florida Alcohol Detox

Our facility in Jupiter, Florida is brand new. It was designed specifically to provide our patients with the right environment for their specific needs. Our new Florida alcohol detox and rehab center provides for the luxury and comfort that our patients and their families desire. We want you to feel as though you are right at home. To achieve this, we’ve designed spaces that offer ample features to create a comfortable atmosphere while also offering all of the comforts of home. This is no hospital-like setting.

Our state-of-the-art treatment center is built with clients in mind. Every detail is there to meet your needs and to give you the tools and resources you need to move down the path of recovery.

Highly Qualified Staff

Lumiere Detox Center focuses on hiring only the very best staff. Each one of our medical professionals is highly trained using the most advanced methods and techniques possible. We believe that it is essential for each of our patients to have access to real people, individuals they can relate to and connect with during this recovery process. To achieve that, we’ve taken every step possible to ensure the right professionals are always at hand.

Even more importantly, we offer a medically supervised detox program. This means that there is always medical professionals on hand to offer immediate care and support when there is a need for it.

Strength-Based Treatment

We’re not here to punish you or make you suffer. Rather, each of the professionals available to your at Lumiere Detox Center in Florida will focus on your strengthens. We believe that a key to providing you with the ability to move forward on your journey is ensuring you have access to the most advanced care available in a positive, motivating environment.

That is why we offer a strength-based treatment plan. We work here to understand all of your strengths to help you to use those to foster a healthy future and to develop a long-lasting treatment plan for your needs.

Alumni Community and Support

Once you visit and work with our team at Lumiere Detox Center, you are forever part of our family. And, that means you will consistently have the support you need both now, while you get initial care, and down the road, as your needs change. It is always important for those going through drug and alcohol rehabilitation to have access to ongoing support whenever there is a need. We understand that this is a life-long process.

Outcome Focused Plans

A key to our success with patients is our efforts to provide an outcome-focused plan. That is, we work to create a way for you to succeed not just right now in recovery but for years to come. We want to involve your family and support system, your friends, your interests, and of course your career goals. Ultimately, our discharge planning extends beyond just helping you to get home. It also focuses on providing you with the tools you need to thrive once you get there.

Lumiere Detox Center is available 24 hours a day for those who need immediate Florida alcohol detox and treatment in Jupiter, Florida. Work with our team today to get the care you need from a team that stands out.

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