Our Treatment Facility

Welcome to Lumiere Detox Center, your trusted South Florida Detox Center. When you turn down the drive to Lumiere Detox Center, you begin on the path of treatment. We’ve taken every step possible to ensure you have access to the highest level of care and support while you are with us. At the same time, we’ve created a new facility that provides for the comforts you need. You’ll feel right at home.

Get to Know Our Grounds

The Lumiere Detox Center is tucked away on a quiet road. You’re in an area where the focus in tranquility and peace. We’re located in Northern Jupiter, Florida, close enough to the resources necessary but far enough away to give you a break from big city life. As a modern, state-of-the-art location, you’ll find we’ve done our best to ensure each of our patients receives the resources they need in a welcoming area.

Explore Your Home Away from Home

The property is designed to be a drug and alcohol treatment center. It’s not another type of building transformed, but a new structure with outstanding features to support you on your journey. We are a 30-bed facility. This ensures a smaller group setting and a location that offers just enough companionship. Our team of doctors and professionals matches the number of patients we have with us at any given time. We’re proud to offer a low patient to doctor ratio, which helps ensure that each patient receives the very best level of care possible.

Depending on the care you or your loved one needs, we offer 24-hour medical supervision at our facility. This ensures a safe detox process – which is one of the first steps towards recovering.

We’ve taken the steps necessary to make our South Florida Detox Center a home away from home. That’s why we offer luxurious rooms, home cooked meals, and plenty of warm, smiling faces to greet you during your stay. Each of the people who visit and become a part of our location is treated with dignity and comprehensive support.

Our Staff Provide Exceptional Care

Lumiere Detox Center in Florida takes every step possible to provide our patients with trusted, experienced professionals. We employ only highly qualified medical and clinical professionals. Because we believe each patient needs an incredibly supportive experience, we only choose professionals who can connect, reach, teach, and support our patients every step of the way on their recovery journey.

A key component of the services you will find is a comprehensive, but modern treatment program. As a brand new inpatient facility, we strive to provide only the most effective and newer treatment options. These breakthrough group therapies and advanced support services give you or your loved one the ability to recognize the opportunities that recovery can offer. We will continue to offer modern techniques and treatment options as we strive to maintain the most up-to-date facility available today.

Start on the Road to Recovery

Each patient who visits our Florida detox center will be given a tour of the property. We provide a full evaluation upon arrival. And, then, we create a stable, safe detox environment for the patient. You will have a case manager and significant education along the way. We work with you to create a custom treatment plan that’s right for you. And, when you are ready to go home, we offer discharge planning to ensure you have the right first step forward.

Lumiere Detox Center aims to provide extraordinary support in a friendly, beautiful environment. Please take a moment to get to know all that we can offer to you as your trusted South Florida Detox Center. Contact us today at 855-535-8501.