Our Team of Caring Professionals

At Lumiere Detox Center, our entire team has one priority — our patients — and one goal — healing and wholeness for you or your loved one going through our drug detox centers Florida locations.

Trained, Licensed Professionals

Our team starts with licensed physicians and nurses, but it doesn’t end there. We bring in a whole array of behavioral health professionals to help you. Psychiatrists, therapists, counselors and other medical professionals join together to walk you or your loved one through our phased detox treatment approach. Many of our staff have gone through recovery themselves personally, and as a result, they have devoted themselves to helping you on your journey.

Each of our team members is fully trained and well-versed in evidence-based treatment approach we take at Lumiere, and they know how to use it as a powerful weapon in your recovery.

In addition, our team at Lumiere is linked to a greater nationwide network of referring physicians, therapists, and other medical professionals. These people understand the value we offer to our you, and we stay in touch with them to keep lines of communication open. We also stay in touch with your referring physician throughout your entire treatment to facilitate you drug detox centers Florida process.

Welcoming You to Wholeness and Healing

Our entire team welcomes you with open arms at our drug detox centers Florida, ready to help you find your way to healing. We start by evaluating your current medical status and your psychological health, and we also dive comprehensively into any lifestyle issues. We know from our deep experience that recovery requires more than some medication and a few hours of therapy, and when we accept you as a patient, we make a commitment to seeing you through the process.

We’re here to help you through detox. We want to detox your entire body and get you to the point where you’re once again able to enjoy your surroundings, your relationships, and your life. Our team walks you through any lifestyle changes you need to make so that your recovery is complete and whole.

At Lumiere Detox Center, we are here for you every step of the way through your drug detox centers Florida process. We hand-craft a multi-phase plan for each patient with the knowledge and commitment that our professional staff will part of the journey from beginning to end. Our heartfelt goal is to see every patient we treat all the way through recovery and back into a fruitful, productive and satisfying life.

Our team starts working toward your post-recovery phrase even while you’re undergoing treatment. Our experienced professionals are all too aware that many people who make it through detox don’t succeed in post-detox recovery because they never had the continued support around them that they needed and never were taught how to succeed.

Because of this, our team expands your detox support group to encompass a relapse prevention group to give you the skills, tools and resources you need to continue healing through the recovery process.

After Your Detox Treatment Is Over

And that’s not where our relationship ends. When your treatment at our Florida drug detox center is completed, we stay in touch with both you and your physician. We’re here to answer your medical questions, to help prevent relapse, and to assist with any relapse issues that may arise.

We follow up with you after you leave our facility, calling to check in with you. Yes, we want to help prevent relapse, but we’re also calling because we sincerely care how you’re doing.

As part of our aftercare, we reach out to all our alumni, maintaining an open channel of communication to every single patient who’s ever stayed with us through our Alumni Aftercare Program. This well-thought-out and comprehensive program includes support meetings, a confidential support network, and various gatherings.

Our team considers relapse prevention to be a vital part of detox and recovery, so we focus on it as part of our continued dedication to each patient’s ultimate success.

If you or a loved one would like more information about finding the best drug detox centers Florida location, contact one of our addiction specialists today at 855-535-8501.