Five Reasons Why Sober Holidays Are the Best Holidays

The holidays aren’t always the most wonderful time of the year. In fact, for many of us, it’s the most stressful time of year. Between gift-shopping, trip-planning, and card-sending, it’s hard not to be stressed. Plus, holiday festivities often involve awkward or embarrassing social situations, like facing distant relatives who like to criticize every decision you’ve ever made in your adult life. Overall, the unrealistic expectations of the “perfect family” and the “perfect holiday season” take a toll. This is especially true for people in recovery. Still, sober holidays are far better than the ones drenched in alcohol. Here’s why:

lamp on during sober holidays

Sobriety Gives You the Chance to Participate

The worst part about spending this time of year at the bottom of the bottle is that you miss out on all the fun parts of the holiday season. True, the holidays are stressful, but that’s only one part of a much bigger picture. During the holidays, you’re able to see people that you don’t get to see or spend time with during the rest of the year. And during sober holidays, you’re able to participate in all of the festivities and spend time with them without having to rely on alcohol to carry you through the evening. Better yet, you’re able to keep the memories after you make them!

Sobriety Gives You the Chance to Connect

The holiday season is about showing love and gratitude to friends and family. Still, that doesn’t mean that you won’t meet new people. Maybe this year, you’re meeting certain holiday guests for the first time, like a friend of your brother’s or your cousin’s new husband. Or, maybe you’re welcoming a new baby relative into the family. In any case, one of the best parts about spending the holidays sober is that you’re able to build (or rebuild) honest, genuine connections with others. Plus, some of those new relationships may carry over into the New Year.

Sobriety Gives You the Chance to Save Money— And Put it to Better Use

One of the best long-term effects of sobriety is regaining control over your finances. After all, addiction is expensive. It’s hard to see how much money goes into supporting an addiction until you get sober. Now that you are, you’re relearning how to save and spend your cash responsibly again. You no longer have to worry about money for alcohol, drugs, bail, or court expenses. Instead, all of the money you’ve saved during your recovery can go towards better things, like gifts and travel expenses during the holidays.

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Sobriety Gives You More Control

The most detrimental part of addiction is the feeling that you have no sense of control over yourself or your actions. Everyone who has struggled with addiction has experienced at least one instance of embarrassing themselves while under the influence— and probably during the holidays. However, now that you’re sober, you won’t have to worry about doing retroactive damage control for addiction-driven mishaps anymore. You can enjoy your sober holidays and build memories without the fear of doing or saying something under the influence that you will regret later.

Sobriety Gives You Freedom

All in all, sobriety allows you to experience something during the holiday season that addiction never could: freedom. By spending the holidays sober, you’re able to do simple things like come and go as you please without risking your or anyone else’s safety. You have the freedom to participate in festivities, meet new people, reconnect with friends and family, and above all, be present for all of it.

Celebrating Sober Holidays with Help from Lumiere Treatment Center

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